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Selling At Auction

Auction is fast becoming a first-choice method for sellers. It is recognized as a time-efficient and profitable way of marketing real estate, and there are an ever-increasing number of high-quality properties being offered up for auction nationwide.

When you choose to sell your real estate at auction, you immediately gain several advantages. Talk to an agent today to get a custom proposal outlining your property's potential.

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Timely Transactions

With an auction, you know exactly when your property will sell because you set the day and time. The best part? Your property sells as-is and closes in 30 days or less.

Maximizes Value

Auction creates a competitive selling environment and a sense of urgency through an established selling date where motivated buyers are ready to place their maximum bids.

Custom Solutions

We are ready to provide you with a custom solution that meets the needs of your unique property and selling situation. Reduce your stress and maximize your profits by talking to an agent.

Top Auction Seller in South Central Kansas

Since 1982, our goal has been to provide a service that is professional and positive for clients. We offer extensive knowledge of the real estate market, have an outstanding team that is committed to you, and will work to obtain the highest value possible for your property at auction.

In our years in business, we've conducted over 16, 000 auctions-making us one of the most successful real estate auction company's in Kansas.

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Top Auction Seller in South Central Kansas

The Closing Process

Over the years we have established an efficient, streamlined closing process that allows for you and the buyer to close in 30-45 days from the date of the auction. This process can be expedited if both the buyer and seller are in agreement.

Our closing department will be in constant contact with the buyer to make sure everything is ready and in place for a successful closing day. Make sure to bring a valid form of identification and any keys to the property!

Benefits of Auction

The phrase "time is money" holds true when selling commercial real estate. McCurdy's efficient and effective process means your assets are sold within 30-60 days of signing and close within 30 days of the sale. This means maximized liquidity and a contingency-free selling experience.


Award-Winning Marketing

As part of McCurdy's all-inclusive approach, your property will be fitted with a custom selling solution and marketing strategy ran by our award-winning, in-house marketing team. Recipients of over 80 first-place national awards for strategic campaigns, we don't take a passive approach to marketing your property.


Custom Solutions

Our professional agents know what strategies work in particular circumstances. They will create a proposal with their recommendations but will walk you through all of the options so that you feel comfortable with your decision. At the end of the day, this is your auction and we want you to feel confident in the choices you make.


Myths About Auction

Although auction is fast becoming a first-choice method for sellers, for many, auction is still out of the ordinary. Watch the video to learn the common myths people are thinking about when it comes to auction.

Have questions or want to learn more about auction? Take the next step and contact your real estate specialists at McCurdy.

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McCurdy surpassed all other brokerages by more than 700 transaction sides and ranked #1 for all real estate brokerages in the South Central Kansas MLS.
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