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Recent years have seen an impressive pattern of growth for real estate auctions, and with that trend, we've enjoyed a substantial increase in our partnerships with real estate agents. With all indicators pointing toward a continued cycle of growth, why not add McCurdy as a resource you provide to your buyers and sellers?

Whether you have a seller with a property that is best suited for auction or a buyer that is interested in one of the many listings we have available — partnering with McCurdy holds many benefits for both you and your client.

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Auction Benefits

Whether buying or selling, auction offers your clients transparency and timeliness throughout their transaction. It provides a contingency-free situation that features competitiveness and certainty in true market value.

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Referring Your Buyers

If you have a buyer that is interested in one of our auction properties, we offer a 3% (of high bid amount) compensation. Detailed information is available on each property's Broker Registration Form.

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Referring Your Sellers

Earn the same 3% commission, and put your expertise to work for your client through every step of the transaction. The client benefits from your relationship while reaping the benefits of our auction method.

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Expand Your Services

We recognize and place a high value on the relationships you've built with your clients, which is what makes partnering with McCurdy such a powerful tool for you. As a licensed real estate agent, we offer you compensation when your client buys or sells with us.

Our program provides you with the ability to expand the options you offer your clients while remaining a key player throughout the process. Join us in the spirit of cooperation and contact us today!

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My buyers were able to close in less than 12 hours after the auction on a cash deal. What they really enjoyed the most about the auction process is that when you win the final bid, that's the sales price. You know it's accepted right then and there. There's no waiting for the negotiation process. When the hammer drops, the hammer drops.
Don Hamm
Wheat State Realty, LLC
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