Leading Edge Aerospace Resin Infusion Process

3198 views Sep 12, 2023
Visit McCurdy.com/9170 for more information about the Resin Infusion Process and details about the auction. ONLINE ONLY!!! Because Leading Edge Aerospace’s resin infusion process is so unique, they are able to offer their clients a cost-efficient and time-effective option, leading to their participation in projects like the SpaceX landing leg, Cessna Scorpion, the canopy for the new F-35 fighter jet, Bell Helicopter’s V-280, and more. Their unique and very specialized resin infusion process maintains the highest quality of precision while potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on prototyping and production costs. “We made the infusion process a more quality process that was more dependable and could do the work and get it done while keeping the customer happy. We reduced our cost by roughly 30% compared to others for the prototype toolset we had to make. These prototype tools could be made faster, cheaper, delivered quicker, and less expensive,” remarked Stan Unruh, founder and president. Here are just a few of the benefits of the Leading Edge Aerospace-developed Resin Infusion process: Process works with carbon or fiberglass Uses more readily available and less costly materials More flexibility in material choices Low heat required Master Mold approach Streamlined and highly efficient process that allows rapid "design to product" Scalable Lessened facility and process costs High-Precision tooling Carbon Board Production The process of infusion involves drawing resin into dry cloth using vacuum pressure. The resulting process is a highly flexible, efficient, and scalable approach that has been refined and proved over the last 10+ years, with tooling being produced for many of the Aerospace Industries' most high-profile and advanced projects. Training and/or consulting are available at an additional cost and within limited parameters. The seller and the successful bidder will negotiate and agree upon the cost.

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