Web Developer Internship

We are looking for a motivated and organized junior front-end developer that can help us deliver delightful experiences to our buyers and sellers, as well as improve and stream line business processes. The need for another development team member has grown over the last year or 2 as the online portion of our company has grown. We are constantly improving, and streamlining internal processes, and our front facing web assets. This internship will work directly with our internal development team of three to learn and expand their development talents.

As a part time developer at McCurdy, you will:
  • Collaborate with the McCurdy team to spec out, build, maintain, and improve applications and features.
  • Translate mockups into working responsive client-side web applications, using HTML, PHP, CSS/SASS, and JavaScript
  • 1+ yrs. of experience in HTML/CSS/JS development
  • 6m-1+ yrs. of experience in PHP development
  • Good communication skills
  • Highly organized
  • Ability to understand, and document existing PHP code
  • Ability to spec out and plan new web application features alongside a team
  • Ability to create feature documentation
  • Ability to rapidly develop non-production ready test pages from design files for user testing purposes
Desired Skills
  • Experience developing in VueJs
  • Experience developing in Laravel
  • Experience working with SQL
  • Data Analysis skills
  • Process improvement experience
  • Self-motivated
  • Good problem solving skills
  • The ability to work independently on projects

“Going once! Going twice! Going three times! Sold!” This language, or something similar, is being heard more and more throughout the country as deeds to real estate are transferred from party to party. Utilized for many years in the rural sector, the auction method of selling real property is fast coming of age in the metropolitan areas. In the past, auction was considered a line of last resort. It is now being recognized by many as the most efficient, effective, and profitable method of marketing real estate. Also, the perception that only distressed property is sold at auction is fast disappearing. Throughout the land, large quantities of high dollar residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial property are being sold at auction. McCurdy Real Estate & Auction, LLC has been selling homes, farms, commercial, and personal property at public auction since its inception in 1982. We are licensed real estate brokers and auctioneers, in Kansas, Colorado Missouri and Oklahoma.

  • Ability to plan, prioritize and organize simultaneous activities and assignments and work under deadlines.
  • Thrive in a fast pace environment and be a strong multi-tasker.
  • Proficient Microsoft Office skills – Outlook, Word, Excel, Access
  • Strong skills of English grammar and usage and a fast typist.
  • Requires strong telephone and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrates high degree of integrity, responsibility and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently and work well with others.
  • Shows strong teamwork attitude.
  • Willingness to assume additional responsibilities and learn new skills as necessary.
  • Professional and business-like manner and attire.
  • Competitive Hourly Wage
  • Possible conversion to full time with benefits at a later time.
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