What's your most difficult transition?

Ty Patton | May 7, 2019

What's your most difficult transition?

At McCurdy Auction, we work on a wide range of properties. And each of those properties present their own spectrum of challenges. Some of those challenges can be solved with relatively simple answers, while others call for more involved solutions. Because of the large and diverse category of projects we’ve tackled over our more than 35 years in business, McCurdy is uniquely qualified to offer the correct resource to work through almost any issue that may arise.

The reality of the auction business is that we are often called upon to solve problems. In turn, we pride ourselves on having built a team and process that is able to solve the type of problems that could normally derail a transaction. Our team, from the pre-auction department to the marketing department to the closing department, is experienced in identifying and troubleshooting potential problems.

Every auction property is guided through our custom 268 step process. That process is designed to ensure that the details of every property are managed, properties are accurately and expertly presented to the market, and that any issues or complexities are identified and timely addressed.

It is this process that often enables us to identify a discrepancy in the ownership of a property early enough in the life cycle of the marketing campaign to troubleshoot the issue rather than abandoning the listing. That may entail working through a determination of descent or quiet title action to clean up unexpected ownership interests or gaps in the ownership record. Or, it may require corporate documentation for property held by a limited liability company or partnership.

Regardless, of the issue, we’ve tackled something similar and can provide an avenue towards a resolution.

In many cases, it isn’t problems so much as the complexity of the property that poses a challenge. For instance, providing documentation and creating accurate rent rolls for commercial or investment property can be challenging in situations in which records may be limited or missing. Certain properties may justify a survey in order to create new property lines, easements for ingress and egress, and even additional parcels or lots.

In the agriculture world, the timing of farm leases, transfer of growing crops, and mineral right questions can pose similarly complex challenges.

Our sophisticated and proven processes assist in working through any of the above—and countless others—in a timely and effective way.

At McCurdy, we’re accomplished in connecting buyers and sellers for all types of real estate. Our proprietary systems, experience, and professional team allow us to customize the auction process to ensure we are able to do just that - even for the most complex projects.

Have a complex project? Team with us to engineer a solution for your client.

Ty Patton, JD, AMM

Ty Patton, JD, AMM

Auctioneer, REALTOR®

A lifelong Kansas resident, Ty grew up in Butler County and has worked extensively with small-town, rural residential, and farm & ranch properties—both auction and traditional listings. Ty has demonstrated consistent success in the real estate industry and was recognized as the Rookie of the Year and a Rising Star award honoree in his first year as a REALTOR®. He was also the 2019 Kansas Auctioneer Champion at the Kansas Auctioneers Association’s annual bid-calling championship. For the last s...

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