You’ve Been Outbid by Someone’s Max Bid, Now What?

Rick Brock | June 25, 2024

You’ve Been Outbid by Someone’s Max Bid, Now What?

What is a max bid?

A max bid is when someone sets a custom bid amount that allows the system to automatically bid up to the maximum amount set. It keeps the bidder from having to bid or jump the current increments repeatedly. 

How do I create a max bid?

If you want to have the bidding software automatically bid for you up to a specific amount, a max bid could be the perfect solution for you! 

To set a max bid on one of our online auctions, follow these steps: 

  1. Hit the MAX BID button

  2. Type your max bid amount and then select the PLACE MAX BID button and then hit CONFIRM to confirm your bid

  3. Your max bid amount will appear above the bidding button as the system continues to bid for you up to that point

  4. If you wish to remove or edit your max bid, click EDIT MAX BID then select remove or edit, and then hit CONFIRM

How to Outbid a Max Bid:

If you are constantly being outbid, right after your bid, you might be competing against a max bid. 

But how do you beat a max bid? You BID! There are several ways you can bid on our online auctions including a custom bid above the set increments, create your own max bid, or simply hit that BID button. 

If you have any other questions about how to win an online auction or how to place online bids, check out our other blog posts or feel free to call our office and ask our McCurdy Tech Team. 


Rick Brock, CAI, CES

Rick Brock, CAI, CES

Chief Administrative Officer, Auctioneer

For over 35 years, Rick Brock has served as an integral part of the McCurdy team with his diverse knowledge in residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate. He also has an extensive background in marketing and holds the Certified Estate Specialist designation specializing in estate auctions. Rick is known for his dedication to his clients, and he prides himself on giving each client the most up-to-date feedback on the state of the real estate market, area trends, compar...

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