The Top 5 Questions We are Asked by Sellers

Megan McCurdy Niedens | October 18, 2023

The Top 5 Questions We are Asked by Sellers

Are you interested in auctioning your home? Your acreage? Your commercial or investment property? This is a great place to start! These are the top 5 questions our sellers ask us when they are first considering auction. It helped them, and we are sure these answers will help you too, and show you auction is real estate but better. 


1. Where do I start? 

Our team of licensed advisors and Certified Estate Specialist are here for you whenever you’re ready. We offer free consultations where we walk through your property and discuss your requirements so we can recommend the best sale method to help you get the most value for your property.


2. How long does it take to have an auction? 

Our process is efficient and streamlined so your property can go from listed to sold in 30-60 days. We even have the ability to close in under 30 days from when your property is declared SOLD at auction.


3. Do I need to update my home to get a good price?

Properties at auction sell in present condition, without contingencies or inspections. We often see great older homes that are in need of cosmetic updates flourish at auction as many buyers today want to remodel to their own style. 


4. What is the commission fee for a real estate auction?

With McCurdy, the commission is paid by the buyer through the buyer’s premium. A buyer's premium is a fixed percentage of a bid offered at auction which is then added to the final bid to determine the total purchase price.


5. What are my selling expenses?

The only costs you will be responsible for are your discounted advertising, half of the closing fee, and half of the title insurance at the title company. 


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Megan McCurdy Niedens, CAI, BAS

Megan McCurdy Niedens, CAI, BAS

Chief Operating Officer, Auctioneer

Megan is known for her outgoing personality, outstanding customer service, strong attention to detail and ensuring positive experiences for all parties of a transaction. She is a third-generation auctioneer that grew up in the family business working in all facets from clerking, cashiering to office assistant prior to becoming an auctioneer and REALTOR® in 2005, and being named Chief Operating Officer in 2016. In addition to real estate, Megan leads our personal property and...

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