Family Promise: Bringing Hope & Security to Families in Wichita

Abby Mack | December 9, 2022

Family Promise: Bringing Hope & Security to Families in Wichita

Here at McCurdy, our everyday jobs are centered around real estate, and we are passionate about homeownership. So this holiday season, we are supporting a local non-profit that is actively helping our homeless community: Family Promise of Wichita



Families Experiencing Homelessness


Family Promise helps provide long-term care for homeless families in Wichita. Before we talk about all that Family Promise does, it is important to shed some light on common misconceptions about families experiencing homelessness. 



Dawn Epp, Executive Director at Family Promise, told us about when she realized the issue of homelessness is not a simple fix. “When I first started working with families experiencing homelessness, I had this outlook that all you need is a job… I remember working with a mom who had just gotten a job, and I thought: the problem was solved! But she was working late, had to take her son to childcare, then had to pay for a taxi to get back to the shelter. I realized there are a lot of other factors that go into this, and it is not easy to get out of poverty.”


Sustainable Independence


Family Promise understands breaking the cycle of poverty requires long-term solutions and individualized support. Their program provides sustainable solutions and empowers families to do it for themselves. With customized case management, they meet each family’s needs no matter how long it takes. Their mission is to set these families up for long-term success so they can truly achieve sustainable independence.

To do this, Family Promise offers 3 phases for their Sustainable Independence Program: emergency services, a rotation program, and finally, graduate stabilization. With this program, 76% of their guest families find permanent housing. To ensure these families remain successful, Family Promise is always there whenever they need assistance or guidance. In 2021, Family Promise served 388 children and 160 families, with 26 families completing the graduation stabilization program! 


Help Bring Comfort & Joy this Season


If you would like to help these families, Family Promise has many volunteer opportunities from being a day house volunteer to donating house bundles all you have to do is sign up!

To learn more about how you can give back to this great organization, visit

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