Local Auction Company Adjusts to Meet Community Needs

Lindsay Doll | March 22, 2020

Local Auction Company Adjusts to Meet Community Needs

Today’s conversation carries a universal underlying theme of uncertainty and change. At a time when the real estate market would typically parallel the weather and begin an upward trend, charts and graphs across the country are sloping downward.  Like many businesses in the area, one local auction company is implementing sweeping changes in an attempt to provide an agile response that meets its customers’ needs.

McCurdy Real Estate & Auction, LLC, has been providing real estate auction services for more than 40 years and has held live stream and online real estate auctions in addition to traditional live auctions for the past several years. In a recent announcement, the company informed it’s more than 80,000-person client base that it would transition to live stream auctions with online bidding only for previously planned live auction events. It has also opened dates for online only auctions over the coming months.

The response has been handled with a high level of customer service as existing sellers were contacted to amend to the live stream with online bidding only format. The transition’s initial impact is being closely monitored, but at the time of printing, properties were still being booked to the upcoming May 7 Live Stream Auction Event.  

“Like everyone else, we’re monitoring the situation and adapting as best we can,” said Braden McCurdy, CEO, auctioneer and broker for McCurdy Auction. “We’re optimistic about the future, and our return to live onsite auctions, but in the coming weeks, we are placing a huge emphasis on utilizing technology to provide an experience that is safe and efficient.”

McCurdy Auction understands the complexity of the country’s health and economic crisis and is dedicated to assisting the greater Wichita area in moving forward with its real estate transactions. The company has always placed a focused on customer-oriented services, and is creating resources that educate it’s buyers and sellers on how online auctions work and how to participate.

“Our previous work with online auctions is easing the transition, but we understand not everyone has participated in the online portion of our past auctions,” said McCurdy. “We have developed training videos, updated our print marketing pieces and are rolling out a robust multi-channel marketing plan to ensure every one has a seamless selling and buying experience.”

With 45 properties currently on the docket for auction over the next two weeks, buyers can anticipate seeing a variety of quality listings offered, including move-in-ready homes, investment properties, land parcels and multi-family buildings. Sellers can get a custom proposal for their potential property and discuss finding true market value with a McCurdy agent Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

McCurdy is encouraging anyone who has plans to buy or sell to visit or call its office at 316-867-3600.

Lindsay Doll

Lindsay Doll

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